This network of artists and art professionals was established in January 2018 in Tromsø by Silence Festival (FI), RadArt (NO), Cycle - Music and Art Festival (IS) and Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival (GL). The organisations have been collaborated since 2017. The four organisations together form an operational group of the network. In the following years the network will create fresh practices how to include also the artists in the decision making of the network. The coordinating organisation in 2019-2021 is Silence Festival.



For the North

Northern Network for Performing Arts is a network of artists, organisations, festivals and communities working in the field of performing art in the High North region in the Nordic countries.  The Network aims to strengthen performing arts’ collaboration in the region and to improve the regional capacity in international collaboration, share information and best practices, and provide a platform for encounters.

The Northern Network supports the work of individual artists. The network will gather the art professionals in the region to meetings and events and help them to create new professional relations. The collegiate support is important especially in the region with small communities and long distances. The network provides platforms where new networks and projects can be created. For individual artists or other art professionals the network offers a regional performing arts community.

For performing arts organisation the network provides support and visibility. The network coordinates projects and matchmaking of the organisations for the collaboration in the region. The network makes the performing art organisations and their events better known regionally and globally. Together the organisations can reach bigger audiences and serve better the artists and art professionals. By collaboration the organisations can work more ecologically and economically sustainable in the future.

We believe that by strengthening the Northern collaboration in the field of arts we can develop the High North region more attractive and culturally vivid area which can offer more working possibilities for the artists and will give a reason for young artists to stay in North and to return.

The Northern Network is also eager to find and create new practices to work as a network and to include individual artists and their need in the decision making of the network.