Building Bridges in High North

OCTOBER 26th 2019
Nordic House, Reykjavík, Iceland

This seminar aimed at performing arts professionals in High North, we discussed about our goals and actions, and had two artist groups telling about their artistic processes. 

Mette Moestrup and Miriam Karpantschof, a feminist performance duo from Denmark told about their work with SHE'S A SHOW.

 The artists from Lunch / Hádegisverđur shared their thoughts and feelings about the process the day after the premiere.


Northern Platforms are encounters of performing arts professionals related to the High North region. Organised during 2018-2019, the platforms have taken place in different festivals in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Greenland. 

The topics of these platform discussions have rosen from the organizing festival and the area it operates. The aim of the platforms have been to help and give tools to artistic work in High North area, as well as to share the views and best practises on how to work in the High North region in the field of performing arts.

The topics have varied from co-operating in cross-disciplinary art projects to post-colonialistic issues and organising a festival in High North region. In the last platform in Nuuk we were happy to present and open up the first artistic project the Network has operated: Lunch / Hádegisverđur.


OCTOBER 12th 2019
Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival, Greenland

Opening up the Northern Creation project and talks about peripheral identity.


JUNE 5th-9th 2019
Kaukonen Village
Silence Festival, Finland

Sustainability in arts and the sustainable future of arts.


APRIL 30th 2019
Vårscenefest, Norway

Performing arts festivals in High North region, artistic curating and programming.


OCTOBER 25th 2018
Cycle - Art and Music festival, Iceland

Inclusiveness and exclusiveness, post-colonialism.


JUNE 6th 2018
Silence Festival, Finland

How to co-operate? Experiences, tools and best practices for artistic collaborations.

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